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Instagram stories has an ability to disposal within a specific time. Don't be late to download them!

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IG Story Saver

story saver for Instagram

After Snapchat become so popular, Instagram launched Instagram Stories on 2016. These IG Stories contains disposable photos and videos which can be edited on Instagram by adding images, smileys and text based contents. As an Instagram policy they don't want these stories to be downloaded. Even the publisher can't download their stories. So we developed a online service to download public Instagram stories. If you wan't to download your own stories you must make your stories public. Only then you can download your stories.

Our Instagram Story Saver has another great functionality which lets you download the story automatically. Just click to the button named "Download" and your download will begin shortly.

Thank you for using our IG Stories tool. If you have questions & suggestions please contact us from our social media accounts. We will be glad to help & develop a better tool for you.