6 days ago
O Allah may this Ramadan leave us with greater imaan, lighter hearts, more determined and completely forgiven. O Allah, you know this time round, my heart just didn't wanna let Ramadan leave. It feels burdened with the knowledge of the last few Ramadan coming and leaving, without making my heart change for better. Ya Rabbi, I do not want another such Ramadan. I do not want another such year in my life. I do not want my life stuck in a whirlpool, sucking me inner and deeper with no chance to come out. Ya Rabb, take me out, pull me out, save me and hide me in your embrace from the hideousness and fitnah of duniya, from all the things that are pulling me away from you, your zikr, your quran, your love...just like you saved me before. Ya Rabbi inni maghloobun fantasir. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum if you have written life for me than make it a life upon iman, a life upon your Raza, and if Ya Rabbi you have written your Qaza for me this year make me die in the state of iman/islam and dont make my rooh leave my body until you are Raazi from it. Ya Ghafoor ur Raheem, Ya Sitteer i am nothing but a black spot on this earth. My hasti is nothing but what you gave me what you make me. All goodness about me is because of You and i am the one to be blamed for all the worst in me. Wash away forgive and hide my sins my mistakes my shortcomings of all kinds. Ya Noor us Samawaati wal Ard, Grant me Al-Huda, At-Taqwa, Al-Afafa wal-Ghina. Make my heart Qalban Saleema. Take me out from my darkness towards Your light. What use is this life If I waste it in a blind race of sustenance and duniadari? Grant me tawfique and make me steadfast upon the ilm and hidayah you have bestowed upon me until I meet death. O my Saviour, Save me from hellfire, azaabal qabr and fitnatu-dajjal. Ya Rabbi, my kids will be nothing but fitnah for me if I'm unable to transfer the knowledge and practice of your deen into them. Ya Rabbi make my children coolness of my eyes and make them pious, respectful and walk onto your path to Jannah. Ya Rabbi make me and my siblings and our children sadaqae jaria for my parents. Forgive me, my parents, my family, all muslims and muslimaat, dead or alive. (Continued in comments