2 weeks ago
Dating in my generation is befuddling some of us don't stay for long enough, while some of us pour all of them onto others, like the leaky faucets that can't be fixed while the other one soaks all of it, then gets drenched and then one day, they can't breathe anymore because they don't know how to swim through it, not anymore. Lovers, when they meet now They don't know how to hold one another So they skip meetings sometimes, to text each other impulsively until one day, the texts don't come anymore. Lovers these days, they foster one other and get drunk on each other's solace until one day, the other one ransacks through the calm and spread chaos all around and one day the other one builds a habitat out of all the love they receive and then walks out of the foster care. Loving is harder now, because nobody taught us that you don't love someone for their calm, you love them because they can embrace your shambles and you do the same for them. Loving in my generation is hard, we don't know how to begin and once we do, we don't know when to stop and while we all victimize ourselves every day, the love withers slowly one day, at a time. _________________________________________________ #artlife #theuniversalart #quotelife #quotesaboutlife #instalove #breakupquotes #breakup #couplequotes #depressededits 😷🔫 #joker #entertainment #sadquotespage #love #sadposts #alonequotes #aloneforever