2 weeks ago
[CAPTION] How should I tell you How unearthly all of this feels like The feathery brush of the cool breeze Against my cheeks And the way it spins through my hair Leaving them all tangled The dulcet rustling of the leaves As the fresh gust of wind blows The sedative chirping of the birds And me Lying on the roof of my house Enveloped in the stillness around me Watching the clouds passing by, subtly Against the vivid blue sky And listening to cigarettes after sex With my eyes closed Thinking about you But we are miles apart And I wish I could tell you How much I want you to be here Beside me Being a witness to my saturninity And at that instant I wished for you to be closer to me As you have never been before Artwork: @henn_kim Follow @the_resonating_words 🌸
Seems like you miss someone so bad!