2 weeks ago
On Wednesday's we wear pink! Well, I've never seen the movie that saying comes from, but spirit week said it's Pink Day so we rocked our pink! Starting this day off with my virtual workout gang and some shiny pleather pants set the tone for my day! And Mama let me tell you, it was glorious! Not the most wise decision for booty day in pleather but I digress! Actually I usually use Wednesday as a day for "Wisdom", so that's what I'm going to do for you! My best advice is to stop making excuses. I'm not talking about working out per say, but I'm talking in general. Are you STILL not starting your day with that glass of water you swore you'd have? Have you still not asked for that raise? Have you still not started living the life that YOU want instead of the life that others expect you to live? My top lifelong change that I wish I'd made years ago is I wish I cared less about what people thought! I was so afraid to just be me that I always went along with the crowd! I finally took my life by the reins and I look forward daily to talking over your goals and dreams! It is my passion to help you and support you in every way that I can! So what is it that you want to change the most, that will give you that edge, and make you feel that fire? Is it finding yourself? Is it doing what I'm doing? Tell me babe, I'm all ears! Drop a 🍷 and let's have a girlfriend to girlfriend chat!
You’ve never seen mean girls?
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