1 week ago
Did you know that sleep/ your sleep habits are just as important to your health as what you do during the day (such as eating healthy and exercising)? If not, it’s okay because I was the same way. Taking advantage of all the magic the body undergoes during sleep is one of the easiest ways to get yourself feeling better again. Here are some things I have been implementing in the New Year that have me feeling renewed, energetic, and grounded 1.) Turn that phone on an airplane mode and have it charging away from you at night. You do not need/ want all those EMF’s being absorbed while you’re trying to promote healing and correction in the body 2.) Sleep in total darkness. No ambient lighting. Certainly no television light. This can disrupt your circadian rhythm. If the rhythm is disrupted so will the production of melatonin. You do not want this because of how powerful and beneficial melatonin is to the body. Melatonin essentially helps clean cancer in the body at night 3.)Make sure your phone is on night mode and that you are wearing blue light blocking glasses if you’re going to be on your phone before bed. Blue light is another source of disruption to the circadian rhythm 4.)If you truly want to support your body and promote maximum healing make sure you’re in bed by midnight 5.) Something important to remember is the 13 hour rule. You want your body to be fasting for 13 hours over night. There are studies that show the numerous amount of benefits that come from this. If your body isn’t focusing on digesting food, it can focus on other important things. That’s why not eating before bed is so valuable. (This also leads to having some vivid dreams because your body isn’t wasting all that energy on digesting). An example of this would be eating dinner by 7pm and not eating breakfast until 8am. • • Implementing things such as a bedtime and not eating before bed have been such game changers for me. I wake up feeling really great compared to tired where I barely can open my eyes and my stomach hurting. Get inspired, do research and take charge of you health. May 2020 be the healthiest year yet! ✨🌿