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Just over a year ago we were in Lucerne Switzerland 🇨🇭 visiting Mount Rigi. Can you see how much the girls have grown since then? Especially Chloe! We love traveling as a family to create memories together this. In just a couple more years Julia plans to attend a Hospitality Management School and pursue her goal to own hotels around the world! She's definitely getting her feet wet everywhere we go. The ability to dream and having faith that all things are possible is a gift we all share. Only fear can try and stop us so it's important to remember FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. As author John A. Shedd wrote, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." There is no time like the present to set sail on your dreams. We love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions and invite you to message us anytime. To be notified of our upcoming videos, visit www.youtube.com/GrowingUpWithoutBorders , click subscribe and then click on the notification bell. #MtRigi #BigPicture #TimeIsPrecious #Dream #Believe #Faith #Lucerne #Luzern #LakeLucerne #SwissAlps #Switzerland #MySwitzerland #InLoveWithSwitzerland #GrowingUpWithoutBorders
Love Lucerne!! And love seeing your adventures!!
I love what you all do. My husband and I own a 40 ft sailboat and have three daughters that we homeschool. We’ve always toyed around at selling everything and just showing them the world. You’re an inspiration!
Very well said! We are also teaching our girls to have no fear and to go for it!
Great dreams of Julia. Will keep traveling.
Read this Julia @jeb_awesome8 big goals, big goals👌aim for the sky
Haw are you 2 Beauiti and nice Girls!!!
Oh le changement chez les filles Chloe a télémark t grandi et Julia est devenue une femme et sûr d’elle c’est cool 😎 vous êtes fantastique les files gros bisous 😘 de suisse 🇨🇭 FloFlo
❤️😘🌺🙏🙏Oui la foi sans douter sait super bien