4 months ago
Dharali and Harsil region are one of the best kept secrets of Uttarakhand which is not so touristy destination and it has to be that way. We dont want to see them becoming like Mussoorie or Nainital, ever. . . . PC: @thebabetalks . . #dharali #harsil #himalayas #garhwal #mountains #monsoon #moodygrams #love #flowers
Thank you so much ❤️😍
I hav been visiting this place for last 6 years . Its really a gem for uttrakhand
With a very intersting history of scottish general " williamson "
True. I totally agree on this.
Agreed... Apna harshil is heaven on earth..
I am coming back to explore my dev bhumi again
U r right 😍😍
Agreed @euttaranchal , then please keep such places secret. Posting like this doesn't help. Note- No intention to make a joke out of it.
Shri kanth parvat .. view from mukhba village..