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According to the announcement made at 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users like Facebook, WhatsApp, Chrome and Youtube. It sounds a cool thing, but while becoming so popular there are some drawbacks.

Today, If you create an account on Instagram you will get following requests from fake accounts immediately. In Instagram follow to follow is quite popular method to increase your followers but when you follow 100 accounts, you will get approximately 5 to 10 followers, but on the other hand, when you follow a new account they will follow you back with a percentage of 60-70. That's why after you have created your account on Instagram, you get lots of follower requests.

Because Instagram does not provide any profile picture in full size, you might not identify the user which sent the following request. With this tool you can view and download Instagram profile picture in full size.

You can view any Instagram profile's picture in full size, even private profiles!

Our Instagram DP tool has another great functionality which lets you download the picture automatically. Just click to the button named "Click to Download".

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