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You should select connected hashtags for your Instagram post. Using maximum of 10 hashtags performs well on an Instagram post, otherwise you can get a shadowban.

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Find Connected Hashtags on Instagram

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IG Hashtag generator tool will analyse the latest successful posts on Instagram and will serve you the most used hashtags related to your keyword.

An Instagram post should have an interesting media and well-picked hashtags. If not one exists, your campaigns will fail and you may lose your audience. That's why you should pick connected hashtags in order to raise your audience.

Be aware of using too much hashtags together. Using 5 hashtags are the most performing well and safe method on Instagram but at most you should use 10 hashtags. Otherwise, you may get a shadow ban.

Shadowban is a banning method on Instagram. When you get a shadowban, your posts will not be seen on the hashtags you use. To get unbanned from Instagram the best method is to wait 2-3 weeks and in your posts use maximum 5 hashtags.

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